Finding ❤️ and same-day courier service

For some people, lockdown love has been hard to find. For others, coronavirus isolation has been a spark for new and unlikely love matches. As a same-day courier service working through Slough, Maidenhead, Reading, Bracknell and beyond we seem to fall into the second category. We hate to brag, but in pandemic times we see plenty of swipe-right* action!

How to make a match with your same-day courier service:

Have you been benching* your same-day courier service for a while? Not really sure whether they’re the right fit for you. Now might be the time to look for a more appropriate match*.

Of course, once you’ve found a same-day courier service that ticks your boxes and you decide to meet up IRL* you’re going to want to make a great first impression. So, we thought we’d share three ways to make sure your you do exactly that!

Contact not cloaking*:

Our drivers need to be able to contact somebody at the collection address. So, be sure to provide a name and direct phone number for an actual person who will be at the package’s pick-up point. This is especially important if it’s a large business… Cloaking* simply won’t do.

Don’t make us werk* for a date:

So, we’re finally meeting up IRL*. Let’s have fun and make this a breezy date. If we need to find a side door (or gate) to your premises let us know. If we require a code for access, please tell us in advance.

Ghosting* is never good:

There is nothing more annoying to your same-day courier service provider than pitching up at your premises, only to find darkness. If your package needs to be picked up or delivered at a certain time to meet specific opening hours, please tell us.

Are you looking for a same-day courier service match? At Evo Logistics we’d love to go FBO* with you. We offer same-day courier services throughout Slough, Maidenhead, Reading and Bracknell. We connect the whole of the U.K. Book here; you’ll never be Left on Read*.

* Check out the full Glossary of ‘Dating’ Terms HERE.